About Paul

About Paul:


Planning, benefits and understanding why the right fit is the right fit can be complicated. Additionally, making the wrong choices can result in financially crippling consequences, both now – and worst, during retirement.  As a Benefits Adviser it is my job to gain a thorough understanding of your current situation, the nature of your concerns and viable solutions that pertain to you (and your family) specifically.

As an Independent Adviser, I have the luxury of not being forced into a marriage with any one specific company or product offering. Together, along with the team of specialists I work with this creates an advantage for you, the client, as it gives me the freedom to indiscriminately shop the open market for the best matches for your unique situation.

Although you will find links to useful financial articles or to secure various forms of coverage here, the purpose of this blog is two-fold. First, I love writing! Second, I love my career! Additionally (and admittedly) insurance products, complicated compliance issues and new indexing strategies (to gain, protect and increase wealth) are not exciting enough to make the average Joe jump for joy and read my blog regularly. However, chronicles of how day-to-day struggles, challenges and how sticky on-the-job decisions are made is something we can just about all relate to … Hence, the reason for this blog. You are welcome to check back often, ask me questions or even just to say Hi!

Wishing you all, all the best.