About Paul:

There isn’t always in simple solution when it comes to insurance. There are lots of moving parts and endless details. Keeping that in mind, one of the traits that makes me valuable is the Team I’m part of. But let me first back up just a little.

Not all agents are equal. There are two kinds of professionals, Captive and Independent Agents. Knowing the difference between the two is important because it effects you. Especially when you’re shopping for insurance.

Captive Agents work or contract for companies in which they are only allowed to represent products approved by their employer. For example a Geico (employed) agent couldn’t get you a State Farm auto policy!

On the other hand, an Independent Agent can shop the open markets for the products and rates that best match what is being ask for. Captive agents have less choices and are often incentivized to push certain products. Understanding the difference and always asking can save you lots of future problems.

My willingness to listen, ask questions, take notes and deliver where others have fallen through makes me valuable. Having Independent contracting status also tremendously helps. Insurance can be a lot of work and finding someone who really cares can mean a world of difference. Especially with your bigger choices.

I take what I do seriously, as your well being is the center of my universe. Even though it’s no different for just about any service professional The difference is, I realize this. My goal is that you too, will feel the difference.


Paul Bunting