About Paul:



As I comfortably yet anxiously lounge at my desk thinking about what to say –  a blank, empty screen beckons a mind full of thoughts, ideas and useful morsels of intel yearning to be shared. That’s an acceptable way to describe writers block, yes? Anyways, being fearful that nobody will read, see of care, this blog is the by-product of many hours of deliberation. A choice had to made eventually and after accepting that ideas:


a) Happen

b) Somewhat happen

c) Never white make it out of the hanger.


The words you see on this page are mostly a result of an aversion to choice C. The other part, well – that isn’t up to me as much as I may like to think. I just sincerely hope this makes sense if you have somehow found yourself reading my (dreaded to write) ‘About Paul’ page.


In 2009 I took steps towards leaving one career in favor of another (Insurance). It was frightening. I was full of bitterness and remorse. There were even several ‘man-baby’ fits thrown because the mean (not so green) economy caused me to close the doors on my personal training fitness / wellness coaching business. I was convinced that I would hate, no absolutely detest working in a  soulless corporate world that was certain to stomp out all creativity and turn me into a mindless robot.


Luckily, what I feared was about as real as a monster hiding under the bed. Turns out, as an insurance and precious metals adviser, creativity is in high demand. So is being an effective listener, educator, friend, organizer manager and much more.


In 2013 I was able to make a full time commitment to an industry that was nothing as I believed it to be – and everything I sought in a career. Since then I have earned multiple licenses, won the trust of many because of a tireless work ethic and willingness to help with even small problems. I’m even been fortunate enough to be part owner of an agency!


The purpose and intention for this website is to provide a home for my blog. The purpose of my blog is to simply share information in small, bite sized portions – on a consistent basis. It is my goal to update once to twice per week both videos and text, sometimes even webinars, when I’m ultra motivated. Perhaps most importantly, this is a place where I can have fun while doing my best to be creative.


Now that it’s done, that wasn’t so bad ;)


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